Best Compact Camera Under 300 Reviews and Buyer Guide

Because of the increasing popularity of smartphone devices, a significant decline has been observed in sales of portable camera.

Today, people are becoming more inclined towards smartphone devices because of the high-resolution lenses integrated in the smartphone models.

But their high-resolution cameras don’t make them superior to the compact cameras in terms of photography because the best mini camera is designed mainly for photography.

So, the smartphone models are far behind in terms of picture quality and photography.

The best compact system cameras come with advanced photography features like better focusing abilities, digital zoom and efficiency to perform in any lighting conditions. But for better performance, it is necessary that you buy the best compact camera. So, for your help here is the review of top models and buying a guide for best compact camera under 300.


Reviews of Best Compact Camera Under 300

Sony DSCWX350 Digital Compact Camera

sony best compact camera under 300



Sony DSCWX350 is the Cyber-Shot Point and Shoot compact camera which is pocket-friendly and best compact size camera for photography enthusiasts.

The camera is designed with 18.2MP, Sensor of Exmor R brand, and the camera has the maximum aperture of f/3.5-6.5, and it is backed by patented G-Lens of Sony which has the ability to capture images with whooping 20X optical zoom.

This is something which you won’t find within cameras with such budget range. The camera features proper mode dial which enables the users, and the impressive feature of the camera is to mix the settings accordingly to capture images with multiple exposures.

This enhances the dynamic range of the images in conditions where contrast is extremely high.

Sony DSCWX350 allows the users to maintain optimal white balance and also the ISO sensitivity is customized with auto mode. It also comes with the features for faster shutter speed.

The camera is equipped with 460000 resolutions 3” of the LCD screen at the rear where users can view the images captured by the camera on crispy display.

This compact camera is designed to deliver you four ways control dial which is available to enable the users to make customization into the burst and flash shoots.

The camera comes with Wi-Fi technology that is supported by NFC which enables the users to access the captured images remotely using their laptop and Smartphone. This camera also allows you to record videos with Full HD 1080p resolution with optimal noise reduction and enhanced stereo sound recording.


  • Optimal optical zoom capacity of 20X
  • Wi-Fi technology with NFC support.
  • Can record video in 4K resolution.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ70EB-S Compact Digital Camera


compact camera

Panasonic has marked its strong presence in the domain of compact travel camera with the launch of Lumix DMC-TZ70EB-S Compact Digital Camera.

This is the compact camera which has successfully garnered acclamation across the world for its EVF integration and versatile lens.

The latest model comprises of specifications which are improvised the overall image quality. This camera comprises of 18.1MP of the sensor and the highest resolution of 12.1MP.

The sensor included in the camera has the physical size of 1/2.3inches, and the size of the sensor is more than the size of the pixels. This will reproduce better quality images. This combination would handle better noise quality with the higher ISO settings and improvises the overall image quality.

The camera sensor comprises of ISO range of 100-6400. This is the camera that delivers optimal Full HD video capturing features with higher resolution of around 1920 by 1080p. The video capturing feature of the camera is also optimal which can capture videos in slow motion. It has the capturing ability of 100 fps at 720p.

The camera sensor is combined with Venus Engine which is the powerful image processor, and this supports you in capturing optimal images and delivers ultimate shooting stats.

In regards to optics, the camera comprises of Leica Elmar Lens that has the capacity of 30X optical zoom that ranges from 24-720mm in 35mm equivalent terms. , and this ensures crispy images across larger focal range.

The camera also features Wi-Fi technology along with NFC functionality which ensures better connectivity with laptop and Smartphone.


  • Availability of the presence ring
  • Optimal reduction in the sensor resolution
  • Better noise control and image stabilization performance

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Canon PowerShot SX620 HS Digital Camera

compact camera

Canon PowerShot SX620 HS is the decent and better-quality compact size camera that comes with advanced features.

This is the compact size camera that is powered by 1/2.3” BSI CMOS sensor that is capable of offering a resolution of 20.2 megapixels.

The camera sensor is combined with the best DIGIC+ imager processor and due to this combination, the image quality delivered is better and optimal.

This combination of features allows the users to capture images in low light condition and also capture the best images in bright lighting condition.

Moreover, the compact camera comes with a 35mm format equivalent focal length that offers coverage up to 25-625mm.

The lens has the highest aperture of f/6.6 in the telephoto mode and f4/3.2 in the wide angle mode. It also sports the best quality optical image stabilization feature, and this helps in capturing stabilized shot when you are working with the longest focal length of the lens.

Canon PowerShot SX620 HS compact camera is designed with the macro mode installed on the lens, and it has the closest performing distance of less than 1 cm.

In terms of video quality, the camera can capture and record the happy moments with its lens efficiently. It also supports Full HD video recording with the highest FPS of 30.

The impressive feature of the compact camera is Hybrid Auto Mode which is like the in-built daily record of sorts.

This is the mode where 2-4 seconds of video is recorded automatically prior to capturing the still photos. The camera comes with 3 inches of an LCD screen with a resolution of over 922000 pixels. It has Wi-Fi facility and pop-up flash.


  • Powerful optical zoom of 25X
  • Built-in NFC and Wi-Fi
  • 20.2 MP of CMOS Sensor with advanced image processor of DIGIC 4+
  • Capture videos with full HD of 1080p

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Canon PowerShot SX730 HS

Canon has been offering some of the best digital, and PowerShot SX730 HS is one of them.

PowerShot SX620 HS is the slim, compact camera that is perfect for photographers and it is backed by features like optical zoom of 40X, 1/2.3 inches CMOS sensor. 20.3 MP sensor and more.

The camera is designed with a DIGIC 6 image processor, and it also supports full HD video recording.

The camera comes with a rubberized texture available on the right of the camera, and this ensures optimal gripping and the zoom and shutter release switch is at the top panel; of the camera.

The camera is backed by LCD screen at the rear and the screen supports 9200000 dot tilting, and the camera has built-in NFC and Wi-Fi feature which allows sharing of videos and images with ease.

With ISO 3200 the compact camera offers you with 7 sensitivity setting ranges, and it has the 5.9 fps shooting that is combined with the Intelligent IS Image stabilization which is optimal for image stabilization with enhanced noise cancellation.

This is the feature which allows you to shoot the still images and the videos while moving and this enables you to capture perfect images.

This compact camera is capable of capturing Full HD 1080p recording. It also comes with other accessories like SD card and the cleaner kit, and it comes with 90 days warranty.

Canon PowerShot SX730 is designed to focus from 24mm to 960 mm, and this is the highest wide-angle focal length, and it is combined with a macro feature that gives you a unique chance to capture the still images with minute detailing.


  • Powerful 40X optical zooming
  • Highly efficient day and night shooting with 20.3 sensors
  • Allows shooting Full HD 60p movies

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Sony DSC-WX500 Digital Compact High Zoom Travel Camera

compact camera under 300

Sony DSC-WX500 is the compact size digital camera that comes with 30X optical zooming and 60X clear image zoom. This compact camera is designed for a variety of experience levels and suitable for all shooting conditions.

DSC-WX500 compact camera is the ultimate combination of automatic and scene modes, and it is suitable for semi-manual and manual exposure options that enable you to capture amazing images.

The PlayMemories application offers you extra functionality which can be used along with the Wi-Fi and NFC technology.

The camera comes with the ability to shoot images up to 10 FPS, and the quality of images is optimal irrespective of the shooting modes.

The camera offers better exposure in the most challenging conditions. In the shade conditions, the camera functions using the auto white balance feature, and it can capture the deep and bright colors of the images well.

The compact camera lens is not exceptionally faster as it comes with f/stop range of f/3.5-6.4 with better image stabilization that works efficiently to deliver you blur-free shots even with slow shutter speed.

The camera lens comes with a better ISO setting range of 80-3200 that enables the users to increase the ISO settings up to 800 in still images and controls the noise in a better way.

In terms of video capture, the camera gives you three file formats and has varied frame rates of 60, 30 and 24 fps which you need to choose to depend upon the format you have selected for the videos.

The camera is backed by 18.2 MP Exmor R CMOS sensor for optimal capturing of videos and images.


  • Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC Technology
  • Wide Focal Range
  • Flip-Up LCD and optimal image stabilization feature

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Nikon B500 Coolpix Digital Compact Camera

Nikon Coolpix B500 is the most striking compact size camera that comes with a super optical zoom of 40X.

This zooming capacity of lens range from 22.5mm to 900mm in the equivalent step of the 35mm and the camera features the VR optical image stabilization, which helps in keeping the images sharper even when shooting the low light conditions using its optical zooming.

The camera features a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor, and this sensor is capable of handling a variety of modes that enable you to enjoy Full HD video recording.

This camera is lacking in manual control panel and changing in the settings like White Balance and ISO settings can be handled manually.

The camera also features the Wi-Fi technology with NFC connection for easy and faster connection with laptop and Smartphone.

It has a powerful battery life which allows you to capture around 1240 shots with single charging.

In terms of performance, the compact camera enables you to capture decent coloring effects in images. The dynamic ranges of the sensor are controlled by the D-Lighting that enables the lens to produce the stills that are crispy and sharper.

Using the complete 30X zoom can marginally drop off the quality of images. Moreover, the macro performance of the camera is beyond imagination, and it allows you to enjoy detailed shots of the subjects.

The lens also has an auto white balance feature that even performs optimally both in fluorescent lightings and tungsten lights.


  • Powerful optical 40X superzoom
  • 22.5-900mm with 35mm equivalent
  • NIKKOR f/3.0-6.5mm ED Lens

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Panasonic DC-GX800KEBS Lumix G Compact System Camera

lumix best compact camera under 300

Panasonic DC-GX800 is the compact system camera that is designed to simplify your photography experiences.

This compact system camera is designed with 16 megapixels, 4/3 sensor, and it is a powerful sensor for better image quality. The camera is designed without the optical low pass filter that enhances the detail resolution.

The camera is designed to flip-up LCD screen, and the eye viewfinder is lacking.

Like all other compact cameras by Panasonic, this camera also features the 4K video and photo modes.

The camera has a button on its panel that gives the users easy access to the 4K photo modes, and the camera enables the users to extract the still files from the 4K videos, and it can record video at the 30 fps.

The collapsible 12-32mm lens of the camera demand for extended manually and it never pops up by its own.

The autofocus of the camera is faster, and the 12-32mm lens of the camera can capture optimal images even in low light conditions.

There is no doubt that Panasonic DC-GX800KEBS Lumix G Compact System Camera can deliver exceptional image quality both in stills and video recording.

The camera has the filter-less sensor which efficiently works to produce detailed, rich images.

The camera lens can move up to ISO 3200, and when you look closely at the images there is smudginess which is not noticeable.

The exposure of the images is perfectly balanced with its multi-purpose metering settings.


  • Compact and easy to use
  • Affordable, compact system camera by Panasonic
  • Supports 4K recording and stills

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