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A very warm welcome to you all from me, Nicholas Parsons.

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I have supported and worked for this charity for over 45 years. I have been on the Council and a Trustee for 20 years, and was President in 1988 and 1999. From a very modest beginning in The Tavern at Lord’s in 1950, the charity has expanded and raised millions over the years to help under-privileged and disadvantaged children. Our website with all the information is up and running at

I have played in innumerable cricket matches and golf tournaments, spoken at lunches and dinners, and produced and directed two humorous films for them that were shown in the cinema and on television. I also help other children’s charities – The Variety Club and the NSPCC, and I am a patron of DeafBlind UK, The Spring Centre, The Stammering Association and Aspire. I am now an Ambassador for Childline and I help Cancerbackup.

While I concentrate on charities concerned with children, I am always pleased to help any deserving cause, including fund-raising for the Grand Order of Water Rats, of which I am a member.


We sold our house in the Cotswolds in December 2004, and looked for a new home nearer London, to eliminate the endless driving we have been doing on ever more congested roads. Also the garden, which I loved and has been on television more than once, was becoming too demanding as I grew older, because of its size and high maintenance.

We searched for our new home throughout most of 2005. We had the disappointment and frustration of being let down no less than three times on properties we liked, but we are now settled into the lovely Buckinghamshire countryside in a converted barn.

The garden is slowly being created out of the plot of land at the front and rear of the house, and I hope I can find time and the energy between my many engagements to complete the work this year.